Easy Energy for the Slopes

Spending the day on the slopes with your family and friends is always very fun - and also very exhausting. Stopping to grab a bite to eat takes time and money, two things that no one likes to waste during a winter adventure.

Avoid the long lines, busy tables, and spending too much money on food with too many calories by keeping some healthy homemade snacks on you to fuel up without the hassle! Try some of these easy and delicious recipes to keep the fun going strong and keep more money in your pocket for next week's rentals.


The classic granola bar many kids have grown up loving got a makeover in this Honey-Sweetened Almond Chocolate Chip recipe. It's sweet, yummy, and healthy - and it will keep your energy levels high all afternoon! Check out the recipe HERE.



Easy? Check. No-bake? Check. Energy? Check!
Sweet honey and savory peanut butter come together in this match made in heaven with No-Bake Easy Energy Bars - check out the recipe HERE.



What's a bigger staple in on-the-go energy than a bag of trail mix? The best part of making a batch yourself is customizing the mix to your liking! If you like almonds or cashews better than peanuts, swap them out. Like dried cranberries better than raisins? Use those instead! Love cereal? Toss a handful in the mix. The options are unlimited - check out some of the possibilities HERE.