Get Ready for the Big Game!

In less than a week, the Pats are going to take on the Eagles in the biggest game of the year. Stock up now on game-day essentials now so you can save your energy for the excitement of the Big Game on Sunday to help cheer our team to victory!

Hosting the Big Game party is a big responsibility - fans need hearty snacks and good drinks in the heat of the moment! Have a variety of snacks available for everyone's tastes, such as different flavored chips, snack mixes, trail mix, fruit/veggies, etc. for nervous fans to munch. Offer a few hearty hot foods as well, like chili and hot wings, and invite folks to bring their own creation in a crock pot to share (and help save you the extra work)! Make sure to have some sweet-tooth-satisfying cookies, brownies, and candy as well.

Drinks are a staple of any party, especially one like the Big Game. While everyone might have a different drink of choice, having a few favorites and encouraging people to BYOB can help make sure everyone has something they like to sip in hand. A combination of different sodas, water, and a few extra beers, in addition to whatever your guests bring along, will work great!

Don't forget to stock up on napkins, cups, paper plates, and plastic utensils for an easy cleanup while you're getting everything you need for the best Big Game party. Grab a few football and team themed decorations as well for an easy way turn your living room into the perfect place to cheer on the team.

With everything ready to go, you'll be able to sit back and relax and get pumped for the best Big Game party for the best Big Game victory on Sunday!