Winter Blues Foods

January finally passed into February, meaning we're that much closer to sunshine, chirping birds, and buddings leafs on trees. Though Spring is getting closer, many people are right in the middle of the Winter Blues - the skies are gray, the world is cold, and there is little motivation to leave the warmth of your bed to do anything out in this cold, dark world.

No matter how comfortable your pillow may be, the smell of a hearty meal wafting through the house will be enough to finally get you out of bed and moving . . . at least long enough to grab a bowl of food before heading back under the covers. No judgement - we all are on the verge of hibernation at this point in the season! 

Get through the winter blues with some delicious and healthy comfort food that will sooth your soul, fill your stomach, and help you stick to your New Year resolutions. Find some amazing recipes to try here!